Monday, April 30, 2007

weekend training

or lack thereof...

did absolutle no training over the weekend. saturday took the kids to a birthday party at megakids in midvalley megamall. fortunately, it was in the morning so i didn't have to contend with the traffic. evening, planned a short ride with senn, to check out her new saddle position. that was a comedy of erros. as we were leaving my place, we realised we hadn't brought any water bottles. so short ride was going to be even shorter. then, as we got to her car to take the bikes (both bikes were in her car), we realised i didn't have my front wheel! so, she just rode up and down the hill in front of my house for a bit. adjusted her saddle a bit and we were done.

sunday. had a choice of riding to janda baik with pcc of doing a tri sim with swimbikerun. decided on the former. woke up sunday morning, got my cycling kit on, went to the car only to see it was raining. made a quick call to ride leader pk, who was still sleeping. "ride cancelled," he says. oh well, back to bed then. then i had a brainwave, since we were already up, let's go to kampung baru for nasi lemak. so that's where we went.

on the way back, got stuck in a jam as we drove past the big walk group. after a quick nap, we went for a short swim with my brother and sister.

in the evening, spent some time chasing the kids around the playground.

ok, so there was some sporting activity, but i would hadly call it training.

anyway, tomorrow ride to fraser's hill. let's hope the weather holds out...

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