Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Pics from bukit merah


uncle chan's biathlon briefing

bacin and azmar checking out the race course (macam real!)

my brother, feizal, prepping for the race. it's his first race.

latecomers adrian and ah fook pinning their race numbers

race start

adrian out of the water

senn out of the water

feizal out of the water

feizal starting his run

adrian and ah fook trying to look fast for the camera

senn actually running!

senn finishes


senn after the swim

me out of the water

woo hoo! still a lot of bikes in t1!

randy finishing his race. i'm behind him somewhere, finishing my first loop

starting loop 2 of the run. still looking fresh. guy on the mic reminding me i only have 45 minutes before cutoff

senn finishing her first loop of the run

race over!

my trusty race steed served me well in bukit merah

now on to tasik kenyir!

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