Monday, May 14, 2007

weekend training

did a bit more this time. saturday did a 5k run with intervals at kiara park. sunday did a 1500m swim

was feeling bored so decided to hit the park with my sis and her 1-yr-old daughter. while they went for a stroll, i decided to go for a short run. midway through the first loop, decided to try intervals, so at the final 100m or so, i went all out. whoa... after the first all out effort, i felt like puking! tried it two more times: run the loop, with an all out effort at the end. by the end of the 3rd effort, everything was spinning! anyway, this is supposed to be good for increasing speed so i'll definitely include it at least once a week in my runs.

the boys had their swim lessons, so i decided to jump in the pool with them. he plan was to do a pyramid: 100m - 200m - 300m - 400m - 300m - 200m for a total of 1500m, with 30 sec rest in between. as soon as i started, i knew i was in trouble. my limbs felt like lead. they were so heavy. and somehow the technique didn't feel right. i wanted to give up right there and then. just didn't feel good in the water. but ever since giving up during ironman, i vowed never to give up so easily again. so, stubbornly, i went on. between some sets, my rest period extended to 40s, one rest period was 1min. by the time i finished 1500m, my clock showed 38m55s minutes. minus the rest periods (3m10s)between sets, i ended up with a 35m45s. hmmm... not too bad, i have to say. i just wonder if i was feeling good, whether my times would improve or not. so i tried a quick 50m hard effort. came in at 54s. not bad, but not particularly good either.

one of the most important things i've learned about swimming is to have fun in the water. so after all that swimming, it was playtime with the boys. a lot of splashing around, goofing about, dunking and laughing ensued.

looking on the training i did over the weekend, i wonder if i'll ever get any faster. my swim times and my run times have been more or less the same for about a year now. maybe i'm training wrong or not putting in enough quality miles. is this it? have i reached my limit? i still aim for a sub-30min 1500m swim and a sub-1hr 10k run but i just wonder how i'm going to get it...


Bernard's Vicious Lifecycle said...

please la, at the rate ur going...
you'll be swimmning soo much better than me ler.i am slowly left behind. even fook came out better..

Look at adrian!!

now if you oni dont puff that keretek ...ur vo2 sure naik la.

Adrian said...

your 1500m swimming much faster than me! 50m same as me - 54s. apparently intervals WILL make you go faster. I'm just starting to do that now. c u tonite?

tryathlete said...

adrian: yeah, i'll be there tonight.