Monday, June 11, 2007

whew! what a weekend

morning went for a run with senn , ishsal, peter and ronald.the plan was for a 15k, following the NB 15k run route.

ishsal showed up having not slept entertaining his bosses the night before. apparently he sent his bosses back to the hotel at 5am, went home, took a shower and headed out to meet us. the guy is either truly dedicated or truly nuts.

we headed out at 6.30am. the pace was a nice and comfy. since we were all training for the marathon, we all decided to keep the pace nice and easy. speed was not important today, keeping a steady pace was. at this pace, all five of us managed to stick together throughout the run. the pace was comfortable enough for me to have a chit chat with ishsal the whole way.

in the end, since it was almost everyone's first run in a long time and thoughts of kampung baru nasi lemak was making its way into our heads, we decided to cut the run down to only 10k. we reached the bukit aman carpark 1h23m after leaving it. i figure if i can keep this pace for the penang marathon, making the cutoff (6 hours) shouldn't be a problem (hopefully).

the best part about this run was we all ended it together. no one got dropped, no one surged ahead. and we also managed to laugh and joke along the way. the post-run nasi lemak was excellent too (ishsal, you missed out on smoe good nasi lemak, man). it was good fun.

evening, it was time to take my cousin, megat,on his first bike ride. so senn and i cycled from my place to pick him up(15k) and took him around damansara heights. cycling is clearly his favourite discipline. this was the first time since he started training that i saw a smile on his face.

we were just puttering about damansara, letting him get used to the bike, teaching him how the shifters work, etc. but after all that, we actually ended up doing about 10k by the time we sent him home. not bad for a first ride. hope he keeps his enthusiasm up.

had a lot of options for sunday morning: tri raining with SBR, batu arang ride with PCC, fraser's hill with

i'm not a big fan of the batu arang route and i just did fraser's last month, so i found myself at the uniten swimming pool car park early sunday morning. this was a good opportunity to up my run mileage. the menu: run 2x4k loop, swim 1500m then cycle for as long as you want. present was abu, azmar, bacin, dicky, faie, saiful and senn. there were two other guys but i can't remember your names, sorry.

we started the run and immediately the pace was hot. i swear these guys were doing an under 6-min pace. and i was pretty pleased that i was able to keep up for the most part. just when i thought the pace couldn't get any hotter, these guys (abu, azmar and dicky), turned up the heat at the last km and left me standing. i don't know how they did it. managed to complete the whole 8k in a little over 48 minutes.

then it was on to the pool. i swam sets of 500-400-300-200-100. couldn't really enjoy the swim because there were kids happily swimming across the lanes. they crossed me twice, making me stop and lose my rhythm. how annoying.

anyway, finished my swim in about 35 minutes and it was time to go bike. but one look at the sun bearing down on us and i decided to give the ride a miss. it was just too hot to ride. just as well, as later on i discovered the my front tyre had blown while it was sitting in the boot under the hot sun.

so what do you do after a good workout? pig out, of course! instead of riding', senn and i went eatin'!

weekend mileage:
swim: 1500m
bike: 40km
run 18km

overall mileage for the week:
swim: 3800m
bike 80km
run 32km

i think this is probably the highest i've ever clocked in a week since i started triathlons. could do with more bike mileage though.


Adrian said...

bloody hell mate thats a good effort for the week!

petitemeehoon said...

hahaha training pun pening nak pilih yang mana satu ye, kalah shopping ni :p