Friday, July 20, 2007

This Weekend

Port Dickson International Triathlon
I'll be participating (not racing) in the sprint on Saturday (to accomapany Megat) and the Oly on Sunday.

Am I ready? HELL no!

Will I have fun? I hope so.

Launch of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Will be going to the bookshop early to pick up my pre-ordered copy before leaving for PD.

CR-V's first long distance drive
Just picked up my new car this week and will be taking it to PD this weekend. Love that new car smell.

Sounds like the making of a good weekend.


ishsal said...

ah, you folks enjoy! catch you in training week after.

Adrian said...

you'd better go to carrefour or tesco - bookshops not selling harry's new book!

bola2api said...

i can't stand new car smell.. and i can't stand air fresheners in the car too.. haha.. i know i'm weird :P

best tak the new CRV? we bought City 1 and half years ago n we simply love it.

tryathlete said...

aini: you are weird. new car smell is the best! CR-V tuh best. Very comfy and quiet, and more importantly, can fit up to 3 bikes in the back heh heh. Honda makes great cars.

adrian: i got my copy of harry potter at czip lee in bangsar, pre-ordered, of course. they were priced at RM88.88 but gave a RM20 voucher in response to tesco's and carrefour's price cutting.