Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Powerman 2007 in Pictures

The pictures tell the story. For detailed race report, scroll down some more.

Race start. All still smiling.

Senn's new running technique. She's actually running!

Adrian, my race companion for the day.

Having a laugh during the first run.

Still looking strong. But not for long.

Time to kick ass on the bike.

Trick photography makes me look superfast!

Senn, still smiling, as she launches her attack on the bike.

Sneaking up on Adrian at T2.

Getting out of T2 ahead of Adrian. The look of shock on his face when I passed him was priceless!

Shit! Left Powergels in T2! Oh well, let's make do with a banana...

The return of the cramps!

Cramps gone, it's time to run! Was soon back to walking though.

Not smiling anymore. The face says it all. It was a painful race...

Thanks to Ivie and PM Tey for the pics.


Abu Soffian said...

Ko memang HEBAT....aku tak sabar nak training ngan ko

ishsal said...

nice picturelog!

bola2api said...

cramps memang sakit... jangan buat main wooo..