Monday, July 28, 2008

Rancangan Tergendala

So I go to the KL Sports Medicine Centre to have my wrist looked at. Met Dr. Ranjit, a hand specialist, and he recommended an MRI and an X-ray.

I go down to the imaging department to do an MRI. If ever you need to do mental training for an Ironman, get an MRI done. It was the most mental thing in the world. Imagine, you're lying there and you can't move.And they put you in the most uncomfortable position. Then there's the noise, this mind-numbing, throbbing noise. And this goes on for at least half an hour.

It's also good training for your aero position. You have to stay put no matter how uncomfortable it gets.

Anyway, the first scan was no good because i apparently moved. So I had to do a second scan. By the end of it I was begging for it to stop.

After about 50 gruelling minutes, it did stop. Went out for lunch and then back to the doctor for the diagnosis. Bad news. Doc wasn't happy with the MRI and I had to go do it again.

So anyway, after three MRI scans, I was told that, yes, my wrist is swollen and that i tore a tendon. It was a peripheral tear of the triangular fibrocartilage (TFC). It was most likely caused by the hard impact of crashing on the tarmac at 40km/h.

For it to heal properly, I have to limit movement to my wrist. So now my left arm, up to my elbow, is in a splint. That means no swimming, no cycling.

For three months.

So there goes Desaru. And there goes Interstate. Hopefully, I can be back in time for Powerman.

But by then I would have lost three months of training for Ironman. Great. Just when I'm about to start training for it.

And it looks like Josie's new shoes debut will have to wait. Oh ya, here's what they look like:

And to rub more salt into the wound, my team CSC cycling jersey and bibs arrived today.


Stupe said...


Get well soon.

As for the MRI, i guess you are afraid of confined space kot...i thought it's pretty thearupatic...and not to add, you get to see your body in it's full glory...

the repeated MRI maybe because the doc ranjit decided that his guys need extra training with the machine?

Or maybe he is just helping you with the aero position.

and by the way, gonna miss Josie..meanwhile, keep her well oiled.

Abu Soffian said...

U still can swim bike run slow pace n short distance. Any away get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh man ... she look so inviting...
Get well bro ...

Jamil (meet u after the sprint)

Dancing Ciken said...

get well soon.

kalau rest betul2, maybe less than 3 months dah boleh aktif semula

yipwt said...

hi ariff,

I think I got the same problem as you...I am guessing, because my wrist was a swollen (only hairline fracture).

But...I am back on training after like 1 I dont think you need that much time to heal. FYI, I still can't apply full pressure using my left hand as it would cause some pain.

Doctors are conservative, so they always put a long time line for recovery for normal person. We are pretty active, so that helps us heal faster.

If you want to go for some chinese healing (but this guy has western medicine background as well), you could contact me. I think it did help quicken my healing. The clinic is somewhere in pandan indah, but you've got to have a guy who knows mandarin (I am banana, so i am not a good candidate...)

Wandernut said...

poor thing!
better some time off for a full recovery, than to tempt fate and wreck your body in the long run...

Darren said...

Arif!!!!! Nooooooooooooo!!! U cant leave me alone man! I need u!!! U gotta somehow get back on the bike.

No Interstate??!!! CAnt u at least drive as support team?

Im going to miss u Arif......sob sob.

tryathlete said...

stupe: thanks bro. don't worry, josie will be back soon.

abu: doctor said no swim or bike :(

jamil: it's difficult watching her just hanging there and not being able to ride her.

jaja: thanks. i'm hoping less than 3 months pun boleh.

yip: i intend to keep running and biking on a trainer. after four weeks with splint, I may curi curi a ride or two. maybe at interstate.

wandernut: most painful thing to hear when the doctor said, "sorry, you can't do desaru."

darren: i'll still be at interstate. the question is: as a rider or driver?

bola2api said...

i feel you, dude. gila sedih.

takkan MRI to sampai 50 minutes? of not moving? buleh tido tak?

Ishsal said...

good to see you out on the 10k run this morn dude! hang in there, usually determination from a setback makes one a better, faster athlete. if you wanna try yip's suggestion, my gf speaks mandarin and lives nearer to pandan indah that both of us :)

tryathlete said...

aini: the MRI actually only 30 minutes. but 20 minute into it, they said have to start all over again becuase the images were blurry. Which meant, I moved. They suggested not moving at all because movements elsewhere may cause movement to the part being scanned. You can sleep if you're sure you won't move.

ish: you'll be seeing more on more runs now. as for yip's suggestion, i think i'll wait till the splint comes off.

darren said...

ala......ride pelan pelan jer bukannys nampak ko naik beskal from spy cam.


tryathlete said...

darren: don't care about doctor knowing. but i do care about causing more damage to the wrist.