Thursday, February 4, 2010


This week was a total non-starter.

Monday's planned 30k run was cut short. First to 20k as I started then finally at the 6k mark, I called it quits. Nothing was working: legs, lungs, heart, mind all refused to cooperate.

The only other training I did this week was a two-hour gym session on Wednesday. That's it.

Tonight's turbo class and tomorrow's spin class will have to be called off because my son fell ill. Not that I'd have the strength to go through with it anyway.

I shudder to think what this Saturday's half marathon will be like. Hope I'm rested enough for it.

I guess the 19-hour week (including Saturday's monster 200k ride) last week is taking its toll.

Ironman Langkawi is three weeks away. This does not look good.


amsyah said...

Nik : hope your kid's recovering well

tryathlete said...

syah, thanks for your concern. he's been diagnosed with throat infection, which led to high fever. He's now on antibiotics and on the road to recovery, I hope, though the fever has been going up and down.

anyway, sorry you guys had to miss this morning's swim on my account. will try and make it up to you.