Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ironman Western Australia Target

I normally don't set specific time goals for any of the races I do. My target has always been to PB or do better than last year. But since this will be the first time in Busselton, there is no benchmark to measure against.

So now I'm going to put it out there, I'm going to set a time goal for IMWA: to finish the race before nightfall. Sunset at Busselton on 5 December is 7:17pm, last light at 7:46pm. The race starts at 5:45am. That gives me 13h32m to finish the race, almost two hours under my best IM race.

Which means I'll need to shave about 10-15 minutes off my best IM swim, an hour off my best IM bike time and an hour off my best run time.

So that's it, it's out there: 13h32m. 13h32m. 13h32m.

Maybe I'll get it. Maybe I won't. But now that it's out there, I have no choice but to work my ass off towards it. Full time Ironman training begins after Raya.

Shit... What did I just get myself into?


K3vski said...

All the best Ariff! By putting it out there, there is more commitment. You may or may not achieve it, that's why it's a challenge, isn't it? The uncertainty makes it all more fun!

Denis Oakley said...

You should do it. It's cooler so that will help with a load of time on the run. Plus your bike is pretty good this year and you've been training a lot more consistently.

Plus I'm going to have a Tri Top that says "Arif is a Slow Lardy Ass" and making sure you beat me with that on my back will propel you to a personal best :)

Ezer said...

You're gonna do it my man! Setting goals are the prime directive of a good Ironman Training program, and far too often people are afraid to do so for various reasons.

Like Kevin said, once there's commitment, you're bound to surprise yourself, whether you meet your goals or not!

See ya at my place after raya!

Bandit said...

The target you set is realistic.. though painful..

painful as in you have the 'full IM training after Raya' and doing a IM overseas..

but you've crossed the line in Langkawi.. and if anyone can take the 'pain', it'll be someone who have previously endured all the training pains, the agony of puking on the course, and the motivation needed to cross the line on the hottest route in the IM series..

it's all yours for the taking..

some of us sit back and awe at the courage and determination shown by you..

Bandit said...
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