Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hi Again!

Haven't been blogging for a while, the last post was from the PD International Triathlon way back in July last year.

Lots have happened since: I've parted ways with, a tough decision but had to be done: I've also been certified a TRX trainer, so if anyone wants to do TRX, do let me know; Shafeeq scored 5As in his UPSR (against all odds, but I knew he had it in him to do it) and is now in secondary school; Shaqeel is doing well in fencing, punching way above his weight in competitions, Senn has achieved her dream of becoming a Blue Diamond Executive at Nu Skin. Lots more have happened but then this post would never end.

I'm a certified TRX instructor!

My TRA Transformation
Blue Diamond Recognition

As far as triathlon goes, my one-year hiatus from Ironman has ended and I find myself two weeks away from Ironman Melbourne, which will be my first race as a 40-year-old. Training's been going good, I'm feeling stronger and fitter than ever before. I'm feeling like I'm back to 2008 levels of fitness, when I was at my fittest. My weight has dropped to 2008 levels as well but my body composition is much, much better, thanks to a healthy dose of TRX and to the TRA weight management program I've been on for the past three months. My weight has dropped from 60kg to my ideal race weight of 52kg and my body fat percentage is at 8%.

But the Melbourne prep has hit a bit of a snag today. While picking up my bike from the bike shop today, the mechanic pointed out a small crack in the frame, at the seat tube just above the bottom bracket. Oh no! I immediately took it to Specialized for Daniel to have a look and offer some solutions. He took pictures and will send them to the US but I don't think a replacement frame will get here before I leave. He says the bike is still rideable, but I'd much rather have a replacement. There's a nice Shiv TT hanging on the wall there...

The cracks in the frame. I'm hoping it's just the paint...

Anyway, last long ride this Saturday, followed by a half marathon on Sunday and then it's taper time. Can't wait. Although I'm feeling good about my training, I'll have to admit, I'm getting tired. Can't wait for the taper to start.

Well, that's it for now. Will try post more as we get closer to Melbourne.

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