Wednesday, April 25, 2007

this week's training so far

last night, usual tuesday night ride. today, did a short run.

last night's ride was kinda slow. sure, the pace picked up now and again, but it was more of a chat and ride rather than the usual hammerfest. pushed hard up the hills, took it easy and slowed for chitchats after that. it was actually quite enjoyable.

today's run was also more of a social event. decided to go to lake gardens with my sister. she was planning to walk. i wanted to run. so she took the short loop around the lake while i took the long one. eventually caught up with her at the far side of the lake, and guess what... she was running! so i slowed my pace a bit and ran with her. going up one of the hills, started walking, so i ran up to the top, turned around and ran back to where she was.

then it was off to the poolside for a couple of california rolls and seafood fried rice.

so far it's been a fairly easy week. think i'd like to keep it that way. tomorrow: swim. planning sets of 500, 400, 300, 200, 100. with 30 second rests in between. that's the plan, at least, we'll see how far we stick to it.

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