Monday, April 23, 2007

another brick in the wall

did a brick yesterday: 39km bike, 6km run.

midway through the run, i came across the gates of bonk city. fortunately, i didn't bring my passport so they wouldn't let me in.

no, i didn't bonk, but i sure was close to it. legs felt heavy the whole time. even though i was on the cervelo with the zipps, it was just slow going all the way. it was almost as if the brake pads were rubbing against the rim or something.

the run started ok. but as i got 2km in, the legs just said, "stop!" the stomach was saying, "feed me." and the body was saying, "hot!" ignoring their pleas, i just kept on going. kept telling myself that this is the time that we'll be running anyway in races, so better get used to it. the difference is, in races there are aid stations where you can get water to splash on yourself and drink. i had no such luxury yesterday. so, at 3km, i started walking. when i got to the last km, my legs were recovered enough to run the rest of the way.

got home and all i could think about was food. so had a shower and drove all the way to kampung baru for nasi lemak. man, that felt good.

i think working on the garden the day before contributed to the bad performance. all that squatting, digging and lifting heavy slabs and rocks probably didn't do me any favours. on the plus side, though, i do have a nice garden now.

or it could be i'm just plain slow to begin with!

anyway, for the next brick, i plan to cut the bike down to 30km and start earlier so that it won't be so hot when i run. also need to eat a bit more before and maybe bring a bottle of water during the run. we'll see how it goes the next time.