Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tuesday night on the bike

Finally got Senn off her butt to join us on the weekly Tuesday night ride. She's been coming up with all sorts of excuses to skip it since Ironman Langkawi.

We started the ride from home and met up with the rest of the group at KSH Taman Tun. We were late but the group was held up by Ronald who needed a tyre change.

It was a small group tonight with some of the regular speed demons missing. Thank God. After the long Sunday ride and the run the day before, I don't think i could have handled a hammerfest.

We started off nice and slow and gradually picked up speed at the Penchala Link tunnel. By the time we got to Jalan Bukit Kiara, however, Senn just blasted off. Being the puppy dog that I am, I gave chase. Couldn't catch up with her. Jalan Bukit Kiara was, after all, her domain.

Finally caught up with her on the downhill and after that it was me and Gunter setting the pace. It was a barely managable pace for me but I reckon Gunter wasn't even trying. He had a calm, relaxed look on his face, even going up that long hill at SetiaBistari. I, on the other hand, was huffing and puffing just trying to keep up.

Regrouped at Secret Recipe to find Bernard already there. Sneaky little bastard had taken a shortcut. Apparently, he was knackered after Sunday's extra long ride.

Continued the ride without incident. Got back to Taman Tun for some much deserved Orange Juice + 100Plus drink and a roti telur. Riding home after that was a bit of a chore on full stomachs, so Senn and I took a nice slow ride back. It's been a while since we rode just the two of us. Pity there was no moon to make it a bit more romantic...

At the end, we had done around 38 kilometres with an average speed of about 23kmh. A bit slower than the usual Tuesday Night Ride but hey, I'm not complaining.

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