Thursday, April 19, 2007

Announcing the Arrival of the Diva

senn's diva arrived yesterday. sacrificed running to witness the unveiling. man, it is one sweet frame (i'll post a pic as soon as i figure out how).

senn didn't know the diva had arrived. bike shop owner edwin wanted to surprise her so asked me to drag her over to the shop. when she got there, she had no clue, until the bike box was revealed to her. immediately, her face lit up.

she opened the box and took the frame out. whoa! it was a thing of beauty. we just put it on the workstand and stared at it. for about an hour, just staring. finally, after picking our jaws up off the ground, we took out different colored saddles and bartapes to see which matched best. like with any of senn's bikes everything must be color coordinated. in the end, we all agreed that a black saddle and black bartapes would look best on the diva.

today, edwin's going to be busy building the bike up so that hopefully, senn will get to test ride it tonight. it'll be her one and only opportunity to ride before flying off to shanghai sunday morning.

can't wait to see the completed build. i think i'm more excited about this bike than she is...

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