Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Champion lah!

she crossed the line almost an hour after the cutoff time. she walked almost the entire run leg, acting like it was a sunday morning stroll. before the race, she said she'd never race in kenyir again.

and despite all that, she still came home with some prize money. she finished sixth in her age group. never mind that there were only seven in her category, she's still in the money nonetheless. hey, money talks, bullshit walks.

here she is crossing the line with willie:

babe, i'm proud of you...

picture courtesy of jaja


Adrian said...

DNF - whats that?!?!? well done may senn and willy!! never give up!

petitemeehoon said...

proud of her too, at least she got the guts to do it. she's so degil huh?

me? not ready totally NOT!!! oh well, maybe next year ;)

congrats to both ya again!

ishsal said...

insane, but thats the only way to live!!! well done lah. see you guys in penang :)