Thursday, May 31, 2007


haven't done jack since kenyir.

not a thing.

no swim. no bike. no run.

dunno if it was the race that tired me out or the drive back to kl, which took close to 12 hours.

that's right, 12 hours. we decided to go the scenic route and went via the coastal road. stopped in marang for some sotong celup tepung, then in kampung kemaman to look for keropok lekor. then it rained gila babi punya hujan at kuantan. visibility was zero and water was starting to rise. finally got home at 3am. some more had to work the next day. penat...

but i digress... i have been lazy these past few days. have been pigging out like a pig (?) every night at dinner since then. monday night, we had shaqeel's birthday dinner with extended family; tuesday night shaqeel's birthday dinner with immediate family, wednesday night, post-race celebration dinner. tonight another pig out session with the PCC tuesday night riders (most of whom don't ride regularly anymore).

meantime, training kosong. yesterday, i was a my mom's house, brother went out for a swim, sister went out for a run. i was supposed to take my cousin swimming (he is planning to do PD sprint). but what did i do instead? i stayed home and vegetated. told my cousin i had a late metting. now i'm feeling guilt.

two days ago, i signed up for the penang marathon. full marathon.


guess i felt that since i never made it to the run leg of the ironman, i had to redeem myself by doing a 42km run somehow.

what did i get myself into?

oh well, better get off my arse soon. think i'll run before tonight's pig out session.

tapi... malas lah...

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Adrian said...

i know the feeling very well!