Friday, June 29, 2007

rest week

after the marathon, i thought of doing absolutely nothing this week.

but then i got bored, and was itching to get on the bike again. so, on tuesday, since my legs were no longer feeling sore, i went out for the usual tuesday night ride. since it was a recovery ride, i went very slowly and cut short the course to 20k. even then, i could feel a slight strain on my legs.

wednesday, went for a short swim to train my cousin, megat, for the PD tri. told him to do 1x500m followed by 1x250m. meantime, i only did 1x50m warm-up, followed by 5x100m sets. average time for the 100m sets were 2m05s. but did manage a personal best of 1m55s on the last set. megat seems more comfortable now in the water so he should do ok for the PD sprint.

thursday, took megat for a run at the ttdi park. i didn't do much running, maybe about 2.5k before i got bored. megat was going for 5k but he had problems with his left foot. it was swollen at the area just before the arch. so he ended up walking about 4k. doesn't look good for the PD sprint.

tonight, we'll be celebrating shafeeq's 8th birthday at klgcc so no training, but will be pigging out instead. tomorrow, i'm taking him out for lunch, so more pigging out.

so, i've done a bike, swim and run already this week. so much for resting...

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