Wednesday, July 4, 2007

eye workout

tuesday night. 8pm. ride starts in half an hour and i was still stuck in a pre-production meeting at the office. I could try to rush home, get my kit on and catch up with the group but i would have just felt so rushed and not enjoy it. and anyway, the meeting finally ended at around 8.35pm. no point trying to rush home now. it would be the first time missing a tuesday night ride because of work since i started this job. oh well, c'est la vie.

so instead of working out my legs, i decided to give my eyes a workout: senn and i went to go watch:


and whoa! it was a total visual feast, a great workout for the eyes.

the way the autobots and decepticons transformed, the action sequences will have your eyes darting back and forth, not wanting to miss any of it. of course, sitting 5 rows from the screen meant that eyes had to dart even more given the close proximity to the screen!

if you haven't already watched it, go. don't wait for the dvd. you have to watch it on the big screen. that is the only way to appreciate the special effects, the animation, the sound design. you won't get to see the full details if you watch it on dvd.

apart from the visual feast, the plot itself was pretty good. i was surprised to see that it had its light-hearted, comic moments as well. complements the action very well.

in the end, it was a movie well worth skipping a ride for. yes, it is that good. and watching in the company of a loved one, made it a perfect evening.

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