Thursday, June 7, 2007

we now resume our regular progamming...

after a week of non-activity (save for a swim on sunday), training has resumed again.

monday it rained so i hit the treadmill at my condo's gym. the first treadmill i used was a bit wonky, everytime i pushed the speed up to 10kmh, the thing went to something like 15kmh. i was like WTF?! after a minute or so, my legs were screaming to stop. so i switched machines and tried their interval training program: 20 minutes at 10kmh with incline changes every few minutes to increase intensity. towards the end i ramped up the speed to 11kmh for the last two minutes, 12 for the last minute and 13 for the last few seconds, before 3 minutes of cool down.

total distance (both treadmills)6.5km in 35 minutes. pace 5.38mins/km

after that i hit the rowing machine for 5 minutes for a quick upper body workout. all in all, a good workout.

tuesday, went on the regular tuesday night ride. it felt good to be finally on the bike again, having not been on it since kenyir. attacked all the uphills and recovered on the downhills. on my favourite hill, i got off the saddle and attacked. found i was going much faster than usual, but also the bike felt heavier than usual. was wondering why until i fiddled orund with my left shifter. turned out i hadn't switched to the small ring. i attacked it in the big ring. patutlah berat! that little incident totally killed my legs and i had trouble climbing the last hill of the night. i really struggled to get to the top of that one. but it felt good to be on the bike again nonetheless.

total distance 38.9km in 1h40m. avg speed 23.3kmh

last night, i took my 13-year-old cousin swimming at lake club. he's very keen on doing the PD tri so i've taken it upon myself to train him for it. since it was his first time in the pool i told him to go easy: 100m warm-up, followed by 2x250m sets. the problem is he can't do a front crawl and his breast stroke is slow. never mind, he's got a little under two months to improve. can be done.

meantime, i did a program of:
- 1x400m warm-up (8m57.5s)
- 4x50m hard + 150m easy (first set 4m26, hard effort 52.5s, second set 4m39.1s, hard effort 56.6s, third set 4m37.5s hard effort 52.7s, fourth set 4m35.6s hard effort 50.8s)
- 1x100m cool down (2m04.9s)

total distance 1300m in 29m20.4s. pace 2.26mins/100m

it's been a productive week so far. tonight, i'm taking my cousin out for a run in taman tun. will try and cover about 8km today. tomorrow rest before a long run on saturday morning.

the only thing to do now is make sure my lazy arse doesn't come back.

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Raymond said... here from adrian's blog.
Another tri maniac haha
Nice write up dude,keep it up :-)