Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tour de France - WTF???!!!

Last night we witnessed and epic battle between Rasmussen and Contador. The Disco boys totally double teamed the Chicken. First, Contador attacks, Chicken reels him in, then Levi attacks. Brilliiant strategy but Chicken was just too strong for the Disco boys. He won the stage and held on to yellow.

Fast forward to this morning.I was awoken by an sms from edwin. Rasmussen kicked out of le Tour because he lied about his whereabouts during a few missed dope tests. Contador now in yellow.


I want Contador to win le Tour but not this way. He needed to take the yellow jersey from Rasmussen, not have it handed to him like this.

This is dumb. Don't these pro cyclists ever learn? After last year's fiasco, you would have thought these guys would know better. First Vino, now Rasmussen. Dumb fuckers.

While we will never achieve speeds like the pros (they were hitting 90km/h on the descents yesterday!), we can take comfort in the fact that we cycle clean. Who needs to go fast if you're going to be all doped up?

But then again, does anyone know if they sell EPO at Guardian?

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