Monday, July 30, 2007

UM Duathlon

What do you do when you've had a good race?

You go out and try and do another good race.

Fresh from my personal best in PD, I went to do the first ever Universiti Malaya Duathlon, a 5-20-5km race.

Weather was good (the rain before the race made conditions nice and cool), but the course was treacherous (a 1.5km long, steady climb on every lap, followed by a steep descent into a sharp left-hand corner. We were to run and bike the same loop, run once, bike four times then run once again. So we had to do that long climb twice on foot and four times on the bike. After seeing the course on the Saturday during the briefing, our confidence went down a bit and our timing targets were revised to something a bit more conservative. I had a target of 2h05m.

In the end, I came in at 1h44m36s.
R- 27m
B- 47m
R- 29m

That's when I was told that they were giving placings up to 20th place. Made no difference to me since I didn't think I'd be placing anyway. So it came as a big shock to me when they announced 20th place and called out my name.

Finally got placing! Top 20 bay-beh!!!

Abu did well too in 19th place, while Stupe was in 13th and was in the money. Abu was just 5 minutes ahead of me so now he's the target for the next race. Watch out Abu!

On the downside, I've been having this pain in my left foot since after PD. Everytime I step on that foot, there's a stabbing pain in my arches. This pain intensified during the last km of the duathlon and still hasn't gone away yet. Looks like adidas KOTR this Sunday is doubtful.

p/s:- pics from this race and PD will be up soon. Haven't dowloaded them from my camera yet. Just like my racing, doing this also very slow...


Abu Soffian said...

Alamak....I'm your target ka?hehehe No problem. Any way no Desaru race 4 should be Powerman & Ironman...Jumpa di sana.

tryathlete said...

Abu: Target aje. you'll still kick my ass anyway. nko kan abu power!

ishsal said...

nice, podium babe! due to your site, i found about about this event, very happy to have had a good time with everyone yesterday. you can ditch KOTR as you did PD, i cant, gotta make up :( while someone said make-up sex is the best, i doubt its applicable to events ... ROFL!

Stupe said...

Ariff - well done. :) in no time you will get closer to Dino.
:) linking you to my blog.