Monday, August 20, 2007

And so ends the 2007 triathlon season

... and what a season it has been.

Full of highs and also some lows.

Lots of mistakes made. Lots of lessons learned.

My season kicked off with a nightmare Ironman, and finished with a pretty decent half ironman.

Some things that stood out for me this season:
- got a new bike
- saw a friend's bike break to pieces
- learned a very painful (and expensive) lesson in giving up. Remember: Pain is temporary, quitting is forever
- all the races I did badly last year, I did well this year (PD and Desaru).
- the one race I did well last year (Kenyir), I did badly this year. (Since I did badly at Ironman this year, hopefully next year will be good)
- lost several toenails over the season
- I have a perpetual blister on my little toe on my left foot
- personal battle against Azmar: Me 2(A Famosa, Bukit Merah)- Azmar 3 (Kenyir, PD, Desaru)
- personal battle against Bacin: Me 2 (Bukit Merah, PD) - Bacin 3 (A Famosa, Kenyir, Desaru)
- my swim has improved slightly. The times are just slightly faster, but it takes less effort to achive them
- my bike is steadily improving
- my run still sucks
- discovered a miracle cure: Ice. It'll get you through any aches and pains during races
- started this blog
- got plenty of encouragement through this blog
- made a lot of new friends
- unfortunately, lost a friend too

Except for a couple of tragic incidents, I've had a good season.

Next up will be the PCC Interstate, a 330km ride from Ipoh to Penang over 3 days, then some well deserved rest until Hari Raya. Then training starts again for Powerman before going full-on for Ironman next year.

See you all on the road...


Adrian said...

i'll be doing a similar review, maybe after powerman. i'm beginning to think about langkawi. i will decide before the end of sept when the price goes up!

good luck to you for ironman 2008!! i might be there to support you!

Saiful Kodi said...

waa..lots of improvement..better then last year..hopefully much2 better for der next year! good luck 4 yr ironman 2008..