Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Burn

Haven't posted recently because I haven't done anything recently. Not since Desaru. Only one ride and one easy swim. That's it.

And I have no desire to do anything more. The other day I had a choice between a 15k run and watching Ratatouille. I chose the latter. (And of course after watching a movie about food, you just have to eat. I had popcorn during the movie, sambal nasi goreng, Lecka Lecka ice cream and three Big Apple donuts after.)

Maybe it's the beginning of burnout. Can't be. Haven't been training enough to be worthy of a burnout.

But then again, we've had a pretty hectic season with tris every month. In between, there have been runs and the odd duathlon to participate in. So really, the month of July and August has been non-stop.

Good thing there's this quiet lull before Powerman. If it was scheduled for September, I'll be burned out for sure. Ya ya, Interstate is coming up but it's not a race so I can pretty much do the 365k at a leisurely pace, hop into a support car if I have to.

After Interstate, total rest for the week. I'm not even going to do the Mizuno Wave Run. It'll be the last event before puasa but forget it, I need my rest. I might do the PCC ride if they have one though.

Then during the fasting month, if those cazy dudes at Light & Easy continue with their midnigh rides/runs to Genting and Fraser's, I'll definitely join them. That will make up my training regimen till Hari Raya.

That should give me enough rest to comeback after Raya with renewed enthusiasm. And then slowly build up to the big one: Ironman Langkawi 2008.


Abu Soffian said...

Aloo Bro...what's yourHP no ha? Aku mcm berminat nak join interstate tu..

tryathlete said...

abu: interstate punye registration dah tutup. tapi kalau nak, boleh gatecrash kot. cuma part penang bridge crossing to tak leh kot bcoz that one only for registered riders. cuba check dgn mac kalau ada orang drop out tak.

send me email at retro1403@gmail.com for my HP no.

Saiful Kodi said...

abu nak masuk interstate? amboih! tak cakap pun...woohooo die nak wat secret training nie ek...haha

bulan posa nanti training lari same..lari petang dekat2 nak bukak posa..orait

The Editor said...

Ada quite a few last minite drop out. Please contact organizers quickly to replace ;-). what is ur email addy?