Friday, January 16, 2009

How to Survive Ironman Langkawi 2009

No, this is not a post dispensing tips on how to get through an Ironman. This is an actual question I'm asking myself.

Come February 28, I will be attempting my third Ironman Langkawi. The first one, I DNF'ed because I just plain gave up, using cramps as an excuse. I came back the next year with a vengeance, finishing with a decent 15h33m.

Overcome with joy of having finally crossed the finish line, I decided to come back this year, with a goal of going sub-15.


There's just no way. The 2008 season started promising enough, with personal bests at A Famosa and Kenyir. Then came PD. And the crash. And the wrist injury. That put me off the bike and out of the water for six weeks.

Then, just prior to Powerman, I had to deal with knee issues, my ITB reminding me that I'm not all that young anymore. That made running impossible.

After Powerman, I took a two month sabbatical, to rest the knee and also to go to the Holy Land to perform my Hajj.

I just started training again. Slowly trying to build up some mileage on the bike and the run. And I do mean slowly. Swimming? Not even close.

But really, it's much too late. There's just not enough mileage and not enough time to achieve the volume required to do an Ironman.

So what to do?

Guess I'll just plod along on race day and see what happens. One thing for sure, bettering last year's time ain't going to happen. Finishing within the 17-hour cutoff also looks unlikely. Maybe I'll DNF again. Or maybe even DNS. Or maybe I'll go sub-13! Yeah... right!

Whatever it is, I'll be there in Langkawi come February 28. And come what may, it's going to be all fun in the sun!


Anonymous said...

sudah sudah lah tu....


missjewelz said...

salam... sorry... i tercampur aduk blog org nieh. thought i was reading yip's blog..uhh..sorry..delete my comments tuh ok including this 1.. sorry, sorry ...blur case..