Friday, April 20, 2007

diva's test ride

last night, senn and i took the diva out for her first test ride.

route: home to damansara loop and back via penchala link, a 24km ride. senn wanted to test the diva's prowess up hills so we included the short, steep climb on jalan setiabistari into the ride.

overall, senn was one happy puppy. the bike looked good and performed as good as it looked. she says it's a lot easier to go up hills now, accelerations were faster, and that she can go the same speeds as the cow (her old bike) but with less effort.

with senn going off to china, it looks like the diva's public debut will have to be postponed till she gets back. that means the diva will finally be introduced to the world during the labour day holiday. the route? kkb to fraser's hill. what a place to make a debut...

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