Friday, June 1, 2007


kenyir tri results are out.

and i was right, my stopwatch was wonky.

turns out my swim was same as last year, bike was 5 minutes slower and run was 1 minute slower. overall 6 minutes slower than last year.


all this shows is that in a whole year of doing tris, i haven't improved. not one bit. in fact, i've gone even slower.

which now begs the question: why bother?


Adrian said...

lets say that the 5min slower ride was due to equipment (tt bike slower than road bike) you only lost 1 minute. but u r 1 year older so that s ok!! if u slow 1 min per year you can still do it in 4hrs at age 60!

if you had fun u should still bother!

Anonymous said...

Without assigning any blame nor credit to the equipment selection, as that has nothing to do with fitness only, appearent performance, agewise in one year you can expect 1min20sec (0.62%) slow down due to age (at your age & 3:33 time). Motivation, sickness, mistakes are likely the cause of major time differences. See Ray Fair's research for age-slow-down coefficients.

faie said...

Ahhh ... post race depression. Usually happens after the official results are out.

C'mon, lighten up. You've survived Malaysia's toughest triathlon. And that is enough to be winner already lah. :)

The Editor said...

WtF are u talking about, U are 1 year older, u got tooo over confident with ur biking, you are too caring for your frens as not to leave too them far and you had too much drag in your new swimsuit.

Chill out...